Friday, April 13, 2018

New Google Sites Adding Features

I must admit, I didn't love Classic Google Sites when I first started using it as I was a Dreamweaver/CSS/code kind of person. I found it limiting and somewhat frustrating. After using it for a while it grew on me, mostly because I saw how easy it was for teachers to use!  Classic had some features that most users wouldn't have been able to use in another site creation program. 

Then came the New Google Sites!  It was so easy that anyone could use it - including elementary students.  However, it had been stripped of so many features that it really didn't work for anyone other than students. When Google announced they were discontinuing Classic Sites for New Sites I was skeptical that enough could/would be added to New Sites for that to really work.

I must say that Google is starting (at last) to add more features. A month or so ago they added the ability to use embed codes to allow you to drop in content from other sites.  Now they are adding you to add custom links to Sites navigation. This is such a basic function that I'm surprised it took this long.

I loved the ability in Classic Sites to set page-level permissions. Now I can see in New Sites that I can use this new feature to do a workaround to do the same. I plan to create two or three identical sites and link to them using the custom links option. I can give different people edit permissions to the different sites, accomplishing what page-level permissions in Classic Sites did.

Now if they'd only let me duplicate a site so I don't have to rebuild it!!!

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