Friday, February 22, 2019

Wake Up to:

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I just stumbled upon Wakelet a couple months ago. I read something that someone posted on Twitter and thought I'd check it out.

Wakelet is a free visual content platform for teachers to use to organize and curate information for a topic so it is easy to find and easy to share with students. Owners can add contributors, share the collection on social media or Google Classroom. Think of students working on research projects!  You can create a collection of sites you want them to begin with and they can add images, video, etc.

Wakelet is a web-based app that will run in the Chrome browser, but there is also a Wakelet Chrome Extension, which allows you to add websites to your collection with a single click (from inside the website).

You start by logging into your account - I associate it with my Google account. The set up your Profile. You can add a header image and avatar for a professional look and feel. The avatar should be 200x200 px and the profile header should be 1920x360. A background image can be 1920x1080.

To start your first collection, click the "Create a new collection" button on your homepage. You can set the visibility to be private, unlisted, or public. I generally use unlisted. You can also organize your collection into Wakelet sections. - IF they are public. Unlisted or private collections can't be moved.

Vocabulary help - Collection = Wake

The above graphic shows you what kind of files can be curated. It's a nice cross-section of information from the internet. 

Like several social media sites, it is possible on Wakelet to follow people or ideas. I follow Ditch that Textbook, Sean Fahey, and Amanda Collins. I'll probably add more people as collections are added.