Cool Google Tricks


Go to to see who much storage you have used.


  • Add MS Office plugin to your PC computer so you can save or open Office apps from your Google Drive (it will appear in the Backstage). Get the plug in here.
  • Add Google Drive to your desktop (
    • Add the shortcut to your (PC) Documents folder so you can save to and open from in all programs (Adobe, etc.)
      • Open My Computer, Right-click Document folder, select Properties, select Include a folder, locate Google Drive, apply.


use the folder icon to locate where you saved your files
Open non-Google files using desktop apps
  1. Download the drive app on your computer (
  2. sync the Drive app with the cloud Drive
  3. Add the Application Launcher for Drive extension from the Chrome Store (if you are a Mac user be sure to get the Mac version)
  4. In Chrome, go to your Drive and open a file in preview mode by double-clicking on it
  5. Click the small square with the arrow (popout) to open in a new page
  6. Go to Open at the top and select the appropriate application to open your file.
  7. The application must be installed on your computer.

Google Keep

  • Google Keep is a note-taking program you can use on your computer, Andriod, or iOS device.
  • Create shared checklists
  • Copy to Google Doc


  • Voice typing in Docs (has language support)
  • Control+/ to get to keyboard shortcuts
  • Templates - new in the docs/sheets app
  • Create TOC in docs (or sheets, sites, etc,)
    • Must use paragraph styles (Format menu)
    • When finished click Insert, TOC  (Slightly different in Sites, uses Headers instead of styles.)

  • Animated gifs will run in Docs


  • Move Chat to right side to get out of the way
  • Use stars to organize emails for those that need more attention
  • Mute annoying threads - from Reply All (Select email, More, Mute)
  • Inbox sorting - Settings, Inbox, uncheck categories
  • Check to see if they opened/read your email
  • Offline gmail - Settings, offline tab, install the extension
  • Add to Tasks - select email, More, Add to Tasks
  • Use Filters - or drag the label onto the email
  • Multiple inboxes - Labs, Multiple inboxes
    • Configure one normally, one with unread first


  • Find a time to meet -
  • Get a daily schedule emailed to you each morning at 5am - Calendar, Settings, Calender tab, locate main calendar, Edit Notifications, click Daily Agenda.
  • Use Tasks in both email and calendar.
  • Add Offline access

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