Saturday, November 25, 2017


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FlipGrid - a voice for student engagement and formative assessment.

This app is super easy to use. There is both a free version and a paid account for it. I like it so much that I paid the money for the upgrade. Below is a comparison of the features. 

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What the app really does is this - the teacher either records a video of herself/himself, uploads one, or embeds one from YouTube. Students in turn, post a "selfie video" up to 90 seconds (paid account allows up to 5") with their reflection on what the teacher asked. It is great for students that can't write well as it allows their ideas and message to get through without the limitations of writing. 

One slight drawback is that it isn't aligned with Google so you have to remember your login and password. I guess Microsoft got to them first!  

Some really cool applications exist for ESOL teachers, foreign language teachers, music teachers, etc. I love the fact that they can tailor this app for their needs!  Everyone always thinks of the "littles" or SpEd kiddos, and yes it is also good for that, but as a district tech support person I am always thinking of the content areas that don't seem to fit in all the time. FlipGrid offers a simple rubric for evaluating responses, but the paid version allows the user to create a much more dynamic rubric with personalized feedback.